About Us

Renaissance Cryo Preservation

Renaissance Cryo Preservation & Health Care LTD is a well-established Cypriot company and has been operating in the Sector of female and male infertility for the last 30 years, providing specialized services in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endocrinology and Urology and is recognized as a highly respected company.


Renaissance markets Pharmaceuticals, supplements, lab materials, diagnostic tests, and devices in addition to providing services for cord blood and tissue with storage abroad.


More specifically, Renaissance management had secured over the years the representation in Cyprus of a number of well-known and major international companies with the focus to provide solutions to its core business and product portfolio which is targeted to meeting the needs of Ob/Gyns and the 8 IVF Centers today in Cyprus, providing them with Wallace (Coopers surgical) single and dual lumen needles, insemination catheters, embryo replacement catheters and other disposable materials.


Since 1993, Renaissance is the distributor for Besins Healthcare with women’s & men hormone solutions.
Renaissance also represents FUTURE HEALTH BIOBANK, one of the largest cord blood banks worldwide. Future Health NIPT, non-invasive prenatal test, Dietary newborn screening test, cryopreservation of the Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissue and Dental pulp banking are also provided.


Since 2018, Renaissance has been a distributor for Supplekey Health Greece for AMS, DxNow, and IQ Medical. AMS’ supplements address female and male infertility.